The Top 10 Safety Features for Uber Passengers

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Have you ever looked at all the safety features in the Uber app? There’s a lot more than you might think! Here are the most useful ones.

All drivers are background checked

First off, all drivers with Uber undergo background screening before they are cleared to drive on the Uber app.

It’s a multi-step process that looks for driving violations, impaired driving, violent crime, and other checks.

Real-time driver identification

Drivers are to take a selfie, which is then matched with their on-file identification. That helps to guarantee that you have the right driver.

Your personal details stay private

Uber uses technology to keep your phone number private. Drivers will never see your phone number when you communicate through the Uber app.

And when a trip is over, Uber will conceal your specific pickup and drop-off address in the driver’s trip history.

The Safety Toolkit: Safety features while you’re on a ride

Look for the shield icon while you’re on a ride to access the Safety Toolkit.

The Safety Toolkit is where you’ll access all of the in-ride safety features.

You can share your live location with a contact, so your family and friends can see your trip status in real time.

You can use the emergency button to contact 911. That will show your live location, vehicle info, and license plate number. In some US cities, that info will be automatically shared with a dispatcher.

You can discreetly report unsafe situations while you’re on a ride with on trip reporting. A member of Uber’s safety team will reach out to you after the trip.

RideCheck: Automatically detects if a trip goes off course

Uber uses a system called RideCheck, which uses sensors and GPS data that can see if a trip goes off course, or if a crash occurs.

If RideCheck detects that something is unusual, Uber will reach out to check in and provide help.

Verify My Ride: PIN Verification

Verify Your Ride is an optional PIN verification system that can help guarantee that you’re getting into the right vehicle.

After you enable this feature, you will receive a unique 4-digit PIN when you request a ride. Before you enter the driver’s vehicle, tell them your PIN. The driver will only be able to start the trip if they are the driver that you matched with.

You will be notified when the driver correctly enters your PIN, or if the PIN didn’t match.

Accessing safety features after your ride is over

After your ride is over, you can report safety issues, provide feedback about your driver, get help to find a lost item, or call the Safety Incident Reporting line.

All of these features are located in the Trip Details of your ride.

After your ride, find safety options in Trip Details

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